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The world Pharmaceutical Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (PCRAMS) industry

Giugno 2013

The Report, with its critical business analysis, outlines: • Entity of the global business / market size; • Breakdown of the global business by market segment, namely: o Contract Research: new drug discovery pre-clinical trials, clinical trials (Phase I, Phase II, etc), bioequivalence tests, biomarkers, regulatory procedures and other services; o Contract Manufacturing activities with particular focus on custom manufacturing (custom synthesis) of active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates and related services; o Breakdown of the business by major geographical areas / countries, and main characteristics of the business itself in the different geographical areas / countries; o Future market trends by both market segment and different geographical areas / countries; o CDMOs' (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations) strategy pillars; o Profiles of major players in the field: around fifteen CROs (Contract Research Organizations) and over hundred CMOs (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) worldwide (Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia / Pacific, Africa / Middle East) are outlined, whose main focus is on APIs custom synthesis / development. It should be noted however that most of them are contemporaneously CMOs and CROs (in other words CDMOs); in addition many companies offering Contract Manufacturing of APIs and intermediates also offer a wide range of other activities and services.

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GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY ENVIRONMENT THE WORLD PHARMACEUTICAL CONTRACT RESEARCH AND MANUFACTURING (PCRAM) MARKET - General overview - Market breakdown by business segment - Business breakdown by geographical area - Future market trend (by geographical area and by market segment) CDMOs' STRATEGY PILLARS COMPANIES IN THE FIELD (CROs and CMOs)