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EC’s new pharmaceutical strategy highlights support for innovation, R&D

The European Commission (EC) has adopted its pharmaceutical strategy for Europe. The announcement follows a period of consultation earlier this year and meets the EC’s goal of finalizing the strategy by year’s end.  

The strategy is not focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, but strategies and considerations included in the document were informed by the impact of the novel coronavirus in Europe and globally. 

The primary objectives of the strategy fall into four categories. The first is centered on ensuring that patients have access to affordable medicines and that unmet medical needs are addressed. Particular areas of focus are antimicrobial resistance, cancers and rare diseases.

Another objective looks at how the European Union’s (EU’s) Pharmaceutical industry can maintain competitiveness while achieving innovation. However, The EC recognizes that sustainability is also of key importance, so this goal prioritizes developing “high quality, safe, effective and greener medicines.”

The third objective is to bolster crisis preparedness and the ability to respond to crises, including supply and supply chain security. Finally, the strategy seeks to ensure “a strong EU voice in the world, by promoting a high level of quality, efficacy and safety standards.”....[EU Commission]